Emozione, religione e sviluppo locale. L’altra Pompei [DOI: 10.19246/DOCUGEO2281-7549/201702_06]

Daniela La Foresta


Emotion, Religion and Local Development. The other Pompei.The change in tourism competitive environment has transformed the sector in terms of demand and supply. Religious tourism, however, still oriented towards product, not inclined to innovation, seems to have only been marginally involved in this process. The growing awareness of the relevance of the demand and the benefits that can derive from it, in terms of sustainability, local development, protection and enhancement of historical artistic heritage, has aroused an adequate, albeit recent, attention to the phenomenon, urging new planning and cognitive requests that, however, have not yet fully translated into broad and organic research. The intent of the paper is to contribute to the enrichment of the informative panorama through the analysis of religious tourism in Pompei. The definition of the relevance of the religious component on the other tourist motivations and the description of the needs and characteristics of the demand, were the main intentions that guided the research.


tourism, religious tourism, Pompei

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19246/DOCUGEO2281-7549/201702_06


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